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All are welcome,
Outlaws, in-laws, bikers, misfits, outcasts, white sheep, black sheep, drinkers, smokers, squeaky clean, bums, gamblers, rednecks, potheads, white collar, blue collar, no collar, rich, poor, yuppies, young, old, introverts, extroverts, loud-mouths, hypocrites, politicians, brown nosers, snobs, goodie two shoes, used car salesmen, tax collectors, lawyers, white trash, all colors, self righteous, not righteous, snow birds, love birds, coo-coo birds, believers, unbelievers, and YOU!!


Join us for Services every Sunday 10:00 am and Thursday 7:00 pm Bible Study
Where: 506 Alamo Road Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
One mile from Alamo Springs Cafe off Hwy #9


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